Year 1 Issue 29


This library provides a simple API to display in-app messages to the user.

let message = Message(title: "Enter your message here.", color: UIColor.redColor())
Whisper(message, to: navigationController, action: .Present)


let announcement = Announcement(title: "Your title", subtitle: "Your subtitle", image: UIImage(named: "avatar"))
Shout(announcement, to: self)


let murmur = Murmur(title: "This is a small whistle...")



With the announcement of open source Swift the interest on building web application using it grew a lot, and with the great reveal two weeks ago that became a reality. Perfect is a framework that makes this possible, and already has a big community and a set of components library. The possibility of building the backend for your next iOS app using the same language of the app itself is very appealing… You should definitely check this library out.


Learning is a core part of what makes a good software developer. This curated list of learning resources for Swift is a great place where to start.


This little library wraps the logic to get the application version and compare it with a previously stored one.

switch AppVersionMonitor.sharedMonitor.state {
case .Installed:
case .NotChanged:
case .Upgraded(let previousVersion: AppVersion):
case .Downgraded(let previousVersion: AppVersion):


This library provides a simplified way to handle keyboard events in a Swifty style. You can observe the state of the keyboard, and handle changes through a closure using a state enum you can switch on.


Swift Flow is a Redux-like implementation of the unidirectional data flow architecture in Swift. The concepts of unidirectional data flow are getting more and more attention in the functional programming world, and their users cannot stop blogging about the benefits they get from it.

Taking good ideas from other programming languages and frameworks and incorporating in ours is a recipe for growth. Thanks Benjamin Encz for starting working on this.

The iOS Advent Calendar 🎅 - Days 14 to 20

  1. Realm, a database designed for mobile devices and with great Swift integration.
  2. Eureka, the ultimate form builder framework.
  3. KeychainAccess, interface with the Keychain in Swift style.
  4. ios-charts, draw great charts in your applications, with a lot configurations.
  5. OHHTTPStubs, stub any network request for fully deterministic unit and acceptance tests.
  6. SDWebImage, the easiest way to load images from the server
  7. SugarRecord, a Swift friendly interface to Core Data, with an FRP spin.