Year 1 Issue 27

Hello all! This has been a very special week. Two great events: The iOS Advent Calendar launched, and at last Swift has been open sourced 🎉🎉🎉

As such this is going to be a very special issue.

Open Source Swift

Apple open source Swift on the 3rd of December, with a number of repos on GitHub and a dedicated website,

The Swift language itself can be found here, and all the commit history is there, revealing that “the future started 5 years ago”, with the first commit dated 18 July 2010.

The whole of Foundation is going to be re-written in Swift, providing OS independence. The process has already started, and you can find the repo here. XCTest will be ported as well, have a look here.

Another big news is the official Swift Package Manager, with both @mxcl and @mattt working on it.

Finally not only we get to have a look and contribute to the development of today’s Swift, but also tomorrow’s with the Swift Evolution repo where the Swift team is laying down the blueprint for Swift v3.0.

The repositories of the Apple organization on GitHub have a lot more to offer and to teach, be sure to check them out.

The iOS Advent Calendar - Days 1 to 6

On the 1st of December to we launched “The iOS Advent Calendar” to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season 🎄🎅. In case you missed them here’s the first 6 issues:

  1. Alamofire, elegant networking for Swift.
  2. Chameleon, a library to generate and manipulate colors.
  3. SwiftLint, run this tool to generate warning and errors when the code style doesn’t match your team’s conventions.
  4. Async, syntactic sugar for better and chainable asynchronous operations.
  5. Static, write maintainable static table views with ease.
  6. AMScrollingNavbar, shrink the navigation bar when scrolling table views.

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