Year 2 Issue 10


This framework, originally developed for the Storehouse app, aims to help writing advanced animations and physics-based interaction using a simple API, using CADisplayLink under the hood. The project README clearly states that you should look into Advance only if the animations you are trying to implement are not basic ones.

Advance shines when:

-You are building gesture-based interactions that use physics to reflect the behavior of the real world. -You need to animate custom types with per-frame callbacks.

Advance demo


Fast ordered collections, implemented using in-memory B-Trees. The project includes implementations of Map<Key, Value>, List<Element>, OrderedSet<Element>, and of course BTree<Key, Payload>. Your application might not require a B-Tree, but I would still recommend you have a look at the project’s README as its well written and goes into the details of B-Trees and their performances.


Tentacle is a GitHub API built using ReactiveCocoa. I suggest you take a look at it as an example of how to wrap a server API using RAC, you’ll be surprised of how simple it is, and how portable the result is.

let client = Client(.DotCom, token: "…")
    .releaseForTag("tag-name", inRepository: Repository(owner: "ReactiveCocoa", name: "ReactiveCocoa"))
    .startWithNext { release in
        print("Downloaded release: \(release)")


This open source app will render markdown files and automatically reloads it when the file changes. I really like the idea of having an always up to date preview of the markdown I’m writing without having to leave my text editor of choice.

Markoff demo

Greedo Layout for iOS

A library for UICollectionView layout that computes what size the cells should be to display images in a variable height fixed aspect ratio grid.

greedo demo


I’ll let the project’s testimonials describe it for you:



This handy debugging library shows your app frame rate in the status bar, and color codes it making it red when it goes below 60fps.


Other Interesting Projects