Year 2 Issue 8


This little library extends UIView and UIControl providing a neat and callback based way to add UIGestureRecognizers and to react to UIControlEvents.

Tactlie will allow you to write code like:

// where tapped is defined as
// func tapped(tap: UITapGestureRecognizer)

  .Began: longPressBegan,
  .Ended: longPressEnded

button.on(.TouchUpInside, buttonTapped)

view.tap { recognizer in

button.on(.TouchUpInside) { button in


This is a UIStepper reimplementation that adds a label in the middle to show the current value. The component is IBDesignable had has many configurations.



EarlGrey is a UI automation framework developed by Google and open sourced this week. It runs on top of Apple XCTest and it therefore integrated with the Xcode test navigator. EarlGrey’s stand out feature is the “enhanced synchronization” it provides automatically with UI, network requests, and various queues. This ensures that the UI is in a stable state before actually executing the test assertions, which makes for less flaky and more reliable tests.

EarlGrey offers more features and comes with a well written and comprehensive documentation. Several Google apps like YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Photos, Google Translate, Google Play Music and many more have successfully adopted the framework for their functional testing needs.

Parallel iOS Tests

The iOS testing scene is usually quite flat, but not this week 😄Here’s another project, or better a proof of concept, for iOS developers interested in testing. Johannes Plunien shows how with some Ruby gems and xctool it is possible to run tests through multiple iOS Simulators. This technique could mean huge time saving if you are running multiple testing suites, or want to run tests on different screen size and iOS versions combo.


This project is a proof of concept of an API server written in Swift using Vapor and hosted on Heroku

Visit to see it print the name you set as the last URL component.

Needless to say how important it is for us to keep a very close eye on the development of server side Swift. The day in which solo iOS developers and agencies will be able to provide a real full stack solution could be closer than you think, better be ready!


This Mac app streamlines the setup process of Redis to a single click (a handful more if you count downloading and installing 😝)


A “Finder style” file browser component that you can integrate in your iOS apps, with a straightforward API.

FileBrowser Demo


This project holds a collection of 30 iOS apps that designer Allen Wang built to learn Swift and how to work with Cocoa Touch.

I think that the idea of finding a number of simple-ish self contained toy projects to build is a great way to learn a new language or framework.


This little library provides version tracking and inspection for iOS, tvOS, and OS X applications. It provides methods likes isFirstLaunchEver, isFirstLaunchForVersion, isFirstLaunchForBuild, and more.

Other Interesting Projects