Year 2 Issue 5

Swift Algorithm Club

A collection of algorithms implemented in Swift. The README reads:

The goal of this project is to explain how algorithms work. The focus is on clarity and readability of the code, not on making a reusable library that you can drop into your own projects. That said, most of the code should be ready for production use, but you may need to tweak it to fit into your own codebase.

There’s a heap of algorithms in there, all sorted in logical order 😜Puns aside, I think that the more algorithms we know the more effective we are. Each of those is a possible new tool in our belt. Some algorithms might seem completely outside our daily use case, but simply by you reading through them and making the effort of understand them you have exercised your brain, and grown a bit.


Since we’re speaking of algorithms here’s another new project related with them. Algorithm is “a toolset for writing algorithms and probability models”, and contains implementations of common data structures that can be used as the building blocks for custom algorithms in our projects.

Swift Synth & AudioKit 3

The AudioKit team just released version 3 of their open source framework for audio synthesis, processing and analysis. Like every good framework development team, they “ate their own dog food” and built Swift Synth a full-featured, open-source synthesizer Swift app. Among Swift Synth functionalities we have: 5-Voice Virtual Analog Synthesizer, Dedicated Sub Oscillator, Detune Oscillators by Semitone & Hz, and much more. You can check out the code, together with other AudioKit examples, here, or see the app in action by downloading it from free from the App Store.


If you really like Google’s Material Design style, and want to experiment with unconventional looking iOS apps than this framework is for you. Material is a framework for Material Design graphics and animations, and contains implementation of the most common UI components and features, with many more upcoming ones.


This library lets you highlight items and present captions for them, making it very suited for app’s walkthroughs.

Gecco demo


This library might not have the most appropriate name, nevertheless it is a nice and useful one. This UICollectionViewFlowLayout subclass allows you to have overlapping collection view cells, like the Wallet and Reminders app do.

StickyCollectionView Demo


An RxSwift wrapper for GitHub APIs. You might not need to use the GitHub APIs in your apps, but it’s worth having a look at how the author is using the RxSwift to wrap an API into a stream.

Other Interesting Projects