Year 1 Issue 18


Eureka is a comprehensive framework to build forms of iOS apps. It comes with fancy custom operators and closure’s support for events like onChange, cellSelection, and more. The project’s README explain how to use it the library in detail.

Eureka Screenshot


A small iOS utility app to identify the manufacturer of the A9 chip within the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

The author, David Stockley, made it “in reaction to the closed source tool advertised by Macrumors, which is signed with a leaked enterprise cert, collects UDIDs, and has Ads. This open source version does none of that, it just prints out the information straight to the screen!”. Well done David! 💪


Syntactic sugar in Swift for asynchronous dispatches in Grand Central Dispatch.

Async.background {
    println("This is run on the background queue")
}.main {
    println("This is run on the main queue, after the previous block")

Note: that there are some issues with the latest versions of Xcode 7, but fear not the README points you to the proper branches to avoid them.


A collection of functions that perform statistical calculations in Swift.


This library provides Go’s concurrency features to Swift’s code. There are no dependency on Foundation so the author states it is Linux ready. The README has a full list of examples on how to use SwiftGo. This is made possible by wrapping a custom version of the C library libmill.


Another week another JSON parser. Genome attempts to differentiate itself by being “failure driven” and removing any Foundation dependency. The project’s README has an extensive set of examples, including how to integrate Genome with Alamofire.

Another JSON parser released this week worth mentioning is JSONNeverDie.


A powerful and completely customizable media player SDK for iOS. Have a look at the to find out more about this impressive project’s features.


This Xcode plugin takes snippets and code generation to the next level.


Open source Mac app that makes generating @2x and @3x assets as simple as drag-n-drop-ing the source on it. You can drop single files, selections, and folders.


An original and cheerful take on navigation menus for mobile apps.

cariocamenu demo


A CLI tool to generate, regenerate, and scale assets and correctly populate the assets catalog. It’s great in a CI setup, and allows the possibility to select the type of resizing algorithm (interpolation). It can be configured via a Bladefile, apparently [project_name]files are trendy right now, I’m looking at you fastlane 😜.


A radio station app, with many features including pulling album art from LastFM and populating radio stations from a server of choice.

Other interesting projects