Year 1 Issue 25

Hello friends, I hope you had a nice and refreshing weekend. Before starting with this week’s issue I’d like to give a shout out to awesome-ios a GitHub project where you can find great libraries solving any kind of problems you could have when developing an app, a great place to go to find inspiration.

And now, let’s get started with another great collections of projects covering full blown apps, CS projects, an little UI components 😎.


The WWDC videos are one of the primary sources of best practices for developers in the Apple platforms. WWDCTV not only allows you to watch the videos from the comfort of your couch, but being open source is a good way to have a look at how write an application for Apple TV


The Itty Bitty Apps team has open sourced this app the use as test for Reveal, a wonderful runtime view hierarchy inspection tool. Play around with Revert to see examples common UI elements as well as very complex scenarios. All written in Swift 2 of course.

Full disclosure: I am currently working with Itty Bitty Apps, so I might be a bit bias… But seriously Revert and Reveal are great projects you should definitely check out.


An here’s another open source app. Dunk is a Dribbble client, you can download it from the App Store, or have a look at the code for examples of network requests involving images.

Dunk Demo


A useful Xcode plugin to help you keeping your project UIViewControllers leaner. If your class is nice and short the Xcode gutter will be green, turning yellow when the view controller is growing a bit too much. The gutter will finally turn red when it’s time for you to do some refactoring, maybe extracting logic and responsibilities from the view controller.


This is a very interesting project, although only at its inception. Swift Algorithms Classroom aims to be a virtual classroom to learn the basics on algorithms and data structures applied to Swift.

“Every few days an assignment will be given by creating an issue. You will fork this repository and send a pull request as your solution to the issue. We will do peer-review by commenting others’ solutions. We will learn and teach all together.”

You should participate.


Talking about CS, here’s another new born project, this time focused on Artificial Intelligence. The road map includes a number of AI topics to implement, and at the moment you can look into the implementation of a Feed-Forward Neural Network.


Stop waiting for App Review when fixing bugs with’s smart SDK allows developers to hot-patch bugs in production. Don’t let your user experience be compromised due to long App Review times. If you’re skeptical and think this is black magic, be ready to change your mind by reading this article covering how the SDK works, and how it’s compliant with Apple’s rules. Sign up for free today, and tell them you heard about them on The iOS Times.


Ok, enough with the academia, let’s have a look at some neat UI. GooeyTabbar is a cheerful way to provide a navigation menu accessible from a tabbar to your users, with a gooey-wobblying presentation animation.

GooeyTabbar Demo


The easiest way to explain what this library does is by showing an example:


This is an interesting concept, and could be exactly what you are looking for if you are developing something like a portfolio application.


A custom volume control UI, neat and polished.

VolumeControl Demo


A UIButton subclass exposing APIs that make customizing its appearance easier

SwiftyButton Demo

Other Interesting Projects

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