Year 1 Issue 22

Hello all, I’m very excited of to be starting the month of November with you.

This issue has a mix of delighful UI components and libraries that are delighful to use. Let’s get started 🚀.


A framework to create walkthroughs and guided tours using coach marks. It is driven from a datasource that resembles UITableViewDataSource, and allows users to provide custom coach marks views, although the default ones are quite nice.

Instructions Screenshot


An example project showing how to use AutoLayout to Constrain AppleTV Layouts within the standard TV Safe Area. Read more about it here.


A discrete progress indicator view with a joyful rubbery animation.

TXRubberIndicator Screenshot

If this is too fancy for you maybe the next project is what you are after.


A simple discrete progress bar, with dots and labels for each step, and animation support.

HorizontalProgress Screenshot


A Swift Regex type, backed by the power NSRegularExpression, for straight to the point pattern matching.

let greeting = Regex("hello (world|universe)")

if greeting.matches("hello universe!") {
  print("wow, you're friendly!")

if let subject = greeting.match("hello swift")?.captures[0] {
  print("ohai \(subject)")

And you can use it in a switch too. That’s quite neat:

switch someTextFromTheInternet {
case Regex("DROP DATABASE (.+)"):
  // TODO: patch security hole


Ploughman is Swift implementation of Cucumber, a test runner for the Gherkin language. There doesn’t seem to be support for using XCTest UI testing yet, but definitely a repo to keep under the radar. Many developers are happy using Gherkin to write user stories together with the product owners in natural language, it would be great if we could do that in iOS land using Swift.


A collection of animated UISwitch replacements to differentiate you app from the crowd. My favourite is the one that toggles between happy and sad face.

TKSwitcherCollection Demo


Mac screen saver based on the new Apple TV screen saver that displays aerial movies shot over New York, San Francisco, Hawaii, China, etc.

Aerial Demo


A replacement for Apple’s Reachability re-written in Swift with try, closures, and notifications support.

let reachability: Reachability
do {
    reachability = try Reachability.reachabilityForInternetConnection()
} catch {
    print("Unable to create Reachability")

reachability.whenUnreachable = { reachability in
    // this is called on a background thread, but UI updates must
    // be on the main thread, like this:
    dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue()) {
        print("Not reachable")

  selector: "reachabilityChanged:",
  name: ReachabilityChangedNotification,
  object: reachability)


An Xcode plugin to you jump to Github History, Blame, PRs, Issues, Notifications of any Github repo via handy keyboard shortcuts.


Butter is the “legal-friendly brother” of Popcorn Time, the popular controversial service to stream movies and tv-shows. This is their open source iOS app, and with a mix to next UI, torrent streaming, Swift, Objecitve-C, and Objective-C++ there’s a lot to learn from looking at the source.

Other Interesting Projects