Year 1 Issue 21


A framework for requesting permissions from users. It contains not only a simple UI to request permissions but also a unified permissions API that can tell you the status of any given system permission or easily request them. It detects when your app’s permissions have been denied by a user and gives them an easy prompt to go into the system settings page to modify these permissions.

PermissionScope Demo


A Swift serialization and deserialization framework that works similarly to NSKeyedArchiver and can work with concrete types and protocols. The project’s README is comprehensive, and the code is well tested.

Auntie Player

A proof of concept Apple TV app to access on demand programmes from the BBC. Not only this is an open source app that you can use to have a look at a real world Apple TV application consuming real wrold services, but is also an example of developers taking action went something doesn’t work as it should. Apparently BBC has no intention of building an Apple TV app (why bother, right?) so Phillip Caudell has decided to build one himself, and release it for free. This kinda stuff get me all fired up 🔥


Elastic pull to refresh, nothing else to add here:

DGElasticPullToRefresh Demo

Maybe this is not the kind of feature you would build your app around, but if you have time and want to add some delightful surprise for your user, such an effec will do the job.

If you are interested in the process that lead to this, the author wrote a post about it.


A little Swift framework for path operations.

let path = Path("/usr/bin/swift")
let path = Path("/usr/bin") + Path("swift")
// and much more


And here’s another developer taking action and solving problems. Andrey Shakhmin has always been frustrated by the inability to use color picker that is available for fill color picking to use it for picking border and other style elements color


AppHub lets you instantly update React Native apps without resubmitting to the App Store, and this is their open source iOS client.


A simple app to demonstrated how to use the 3D APIs to compare relative forces on the screen and highlight the strongest, or in more practical terms, find out which plum is heavier 😛.


If you are looking for something more subtle to surprise your users the DGElasticPullToRefresh above, you might want to try this pull to refresh that fills your logo with a wave.

WaveRefresh Demo


Let’s be honest, this project is a click bait 😂It should have been called CrumbleViewControllerTransition.

StarWars.iOS Demo

Other Interesting Projects