Year 1 Issue 20


A Swift framework for storing entire web pages into a disk cache distinct from, but interoperable with, the standard NSURLCache layer. This is useful for both pre-caching web content for faster loading, as well as making web content available for offline browsing.

So BuzzFeed doesn’t just publish silly “The 10 most …” list, but also useful open source libraries 😜


Open source iOS app to “Free your Live Photos from and share them with the world as animated GIFs”. Be careful when using it, as the author clearly states that the project is still a work in progress.

And if you want to go in the opposite direction, checkout LoveLiver, by mzp a CLI tool to create Live Photos from .JPGs or MOVs.


A fully featured calendar view to use in your app, with a lot of customizations.

CVCalendar Demo


Useful Xcode plugin that prepopulates the enum prefix in methods expecting enums parameters. For example:

[button setTitle:@"Follow @_theiostimes" forState:UIControState];


Library to post messages to Chinese Social Networks, namely WeChate, Weibo and QQ, aiming to be better than “their buggy SDKs”. I supports OAuth and integrates with UIActivityViewController.


Simple utility to process microphone input and interpreting its pitch, frequency, amplitude, and more.


Library to display eye pleasing, animated, and customizable checkboxes.


A UIAlertController replacement adding UIVisualEffectView to add a blur effect.

PCLBlurEffectAlert demo


This plugin replaces Xcode’s subtle dashed line when selecting a symbol with a proper highlight, changing it background color and font. The project works, but is still under development, why don’t you give a hand?


The project is an implementation on this Dribble concept.

CardAnimation Demo

Other Interesting Projects