Year 1 Issue 17

Hello there! I hope you had a good week, and that you verified your version of Xcode. Fun fact, I considered adding the XcodeGhost source to last week’s list of projects, but decided against it.

Big news: The iOS Times finally has its own Twitter handle: @_theiostimes 🎉 Go there and hit follow 😉

Heaps of interesting projects this week, for those keen on UI, those looking for design patterns examples, and every one else in the in between. Let’s get started!


A framework to programmatically the arrangement and sizing of UI views, particularly useful when building layouts with relative sizing and positioning.

Neon demo

I like the author’s idea that: “_ We’re not robots, so why should we build our UIs like we are?_”, but I’m not sure if using frame math rather than AutoLayout under the hood is a good idea.


A Swift Wrapper for Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) supporting method chaining.

Run.background { () -> Void in
  for index in 1...UInt64.max{
}.main { () -> Void in
  print("Back to main thread")


The Big Nerd Ranch CoreData stack, updated to Swift 2. More info on the stack design and how to use it can be found here.

A word of advice as a former MagicalRecord user. Using these stack is useful to get started quickly, but nothing will replace the understanding of a framework a developer gets when using it himself.


A collection of project examples from the book. A big thank you to the author Paul Hudson which decided to open source the code and release all the rest of the content for free once he had earned enough to cover the costs. What a good example of giving back to the community!


An open source implementation of content blocking app. There has been a lot of buzz around these apps and the implication on the market recently, this and this are good reads on the topic.

If you want to compare implementations have a look at this “troll” implementation by schwa.


A library to use a UINavigationController like controller inside a popup.

STPopup Demo


A Playground showcasing ReactiveCocoa’s features using streams of moving marbles.


A collection of UIKit views subclasses with enhanced Interface Builder configuration options thanks to IBInspectable and IBDesignable.


Simple library that adds blur() and unBlur() methods to UIView, which applies/removes a Core Image Gaussian blur filter to the contents. It is implemented using Swift 2’s protocol extension.


Zulip is an open source group chat, born as a Dropbox Hack Week project, with a set of useful feature for code discussion, and this is their open source iOS client. As you know I am a big fan of looking at other people app’s code, so I could not not feature this project.

An speaking of open source apps, they team at Artsy just started working on a new open source app with code name Emergence. There is not a lot to look there yet, but knowing the quality of the code they produce is worth bookmarking 😉.

Other Interesting Projects

Still Hot From Last Weeks 🔥

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