Year 1 Issue 16

Hello friends, and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers. The list has seen a great growth during the last week, and I am very thankful for that ☺️. Let’s get started!


Language: Swift

The new iPhones will ship soon, but in the meantime you can add 3D Touch shortcuts to the Simulator using this library.

It works by injecting a dylib in the running instance of the Simulator, which will allow you simulate the 3D touch to reveal the shortcuts menu by sending the bundle id to

And speaking of 3D Touch have a look at InceptionTouch and Pseudo3DTouch which emulates tracking force touch on older devices.


Language: Swift

An implementation of the classic Pong, using SpriteKit, for tvOS.


Language: Swift

A class for logging excessive blocking on the main thread. It observes the run loop and detect any stalling or blocking that occurs. Very useful when developing interactive applications.

👮 Main thread was blocked for 1.25s 👮


Language: Swift

A CLI tool to imprint a text banner over a PNG icon. It uses CoreGraphics, rather than requiring a dependency such as ImageMagick, which makes it well suited for build servers.

This is how the result looks like:

stampicon demo

Refactor the Mega-Controller

Language: Swift

Andy Matuschak gave a talk at Realm and NSSpain showing how to “take a highly-coupled, highly-ugly view controller implementation and to incrementally isolate, abstract, and test components of it, reducing dependencies of each piece along the way.”

The repository shows the code used in the NSSpain version of the talk. The code by itself doesn’t make a lot of sense without the context of the talk, which I’d highly recommend you to watch.


Language: Swift

Code examples for the new features in iOS 9. Worth having a look at it just for the README, which as animated demos of each new feature.


Language: Swift

XML and HTML parser, aiming to be lightweight and fast. It is mostly based on Ono, with a Swiftier touch.


Visually impactful delete animation, probably not very usable, but remarkable indeed.

MTMaterialDelete demo


Language: Swift

Simple utility for only executing code every so often, fully thread-safe.

RateLimit.execute(name: "RefreshTimeline", limit: 60) {
  // Do some work that runs a maximum of once per minute


Language: Swift

A custom modal transition that presents a controller from a list with an expanding effect while sliding out the other cells.

DAExpandAnimation demo


Language: Objective-C

A Mac app to control your Homebrew formulae. I am a big terminal fan, but I can see the appeal of such a tool.

Other Interesting Projects