Year 1 Issue 15


Language: Objective-C

NeoNacho has class-dumped and shared the headers of tvOS.


Language: Swift

An image component library for Alamofire, with all the networking related image utilities you’d expect, plus other useful treats like extensions for Inflation / Scaling / Rounding, single and multi-pass filter, and UIImageView transitions.


Language: Swift

A file management framework aiming to be simple and expressive. It uses Swift 2’s error handling for a safer coding, and has a bunch of custom operators.


Language: Objective-C

A Mac OS X library for managing, booting and interacting with multiple iOS Simulators simultaneously. A new great tool for those of us developing end-to-end testing, or that need to automate tests for app that have some sort of device to device communication.

Related to FBSimulatorControl is WebDriverAgent.


Language: Swift

Designer Linda Dong is exploring Swift with a daily visually impacting experiment, sharing the results on and the code on GitHub.

swift-a-day demo


Language: Swift

Logging library with support for multiple logging levels, XcodeColors and with the option of logging to a Google Docs.


Language: Swift

Port of Android MPAndroidChart library. This is a rich collection of chart types that also look good.


Language: Objective-C

Just a view you can bouncly drag from the side. It remind me of my favourite feature of Ubuntu the first time I installed it, the wobbly windows.

DLWBouncyView demo


RuiAAPeres, iOS Goodies’s dad, shows how to use UIFont in a safer way.


Language: Swift

Answers to common “How do I test this with UI Testing?” questions.


Laguage: Swift

A graphical ls for iTerm2. Graphical? Check the screenshot 😀.

gls demo

Other Interesting Projects