Year 1 Issue 12


Language: Swift

Cheetah is an animation utility on iOS with Swift. Cheetah can animate any properties since Cheetah uses simple CADisplayLink run loop to change animated properties.

  .move(100, 0).rotate(M_PI)
  .move(-100, 0).rotate(-M_PI)
  .wait(1.0) // <- wait 1 sec to start next animation
  .move(0, -20).duration(0.4)
  .move(0, 20).duration(0.4)

Cheeta Animated Demo


Language: Swift

A fake data generator. Simple to use and pretty useful when added to unit tests code.


let word : String         = Faker.Lorem.word()
let words : [String]      = Faker.Lorem.words()
let sentence : String     = Faker.Lorem.sentence()





Language: Swift

A popover library inspired by the Facebook app.

Popover Demo


Language: Swift

Gloss is a Swift JSON library with a curious custom operator: ~~>.

struct RepoOwner: Decodable {
    let ownerId: Int
    let username: String?

    init?(json: JSON) {
        guard let ownerId: Int = "id" <~~ json
            else { return nil }

        self.ownerId = ownerId
        self.username = "login" <~~ json

I wonder for how long I can keep releasing issues of The iOS Times with a new Swift JSON library? 😬


Language: Swift

A library to switch between sync and async tasks. The author specifies that this library is suitable for some special cases for example to try async libraries in a Playground.


Language: Swift

A wrapper around the Photos.framework, written using ReactiveCocoa 3.


Language: Swift

An animation library for alerts like the ones in the Swarm app. The animated demo for this library is quite heavy, so is not linked here, but you can see it in the README of course.


Language: Javascript (😳)

A React Native implementation of UITableView. Since being iOS developers most of the times means being table view developers, we are all quite familiar with those. Having a look at a familiar construct in a different language or framework is a good way to understand the new way of working. Have a look at it.


Language: Swift

A (work in progress) Fulltext search library.


Langauge: Objective-C

A GUI for Git. I am something of a terminal geek, writing this from Vim in iTerm 2, so it doesn’t seem very appealing to me, but it is indeed an interesting app.

And speaking of interesting apps, ChitChat is an open source app that wraps the WhatsApp web interface for iOS users.

Other interesting projects

Still hot from last week 🔥

Just in case you missed them, these projects have been hot for a couple of weeks already: