Year 1 Issue 10

Loads of new interesting projects this week. Let’s get started:


Language: Swift

R is a tool to get strong typed, autocompleted resources like images, cells and segues in Swift. Instead of using brittle strings references you can now write:



Language: Swift

Collection of completely customizable progress based loaders drawn using custom CGPaths.

FillableLoaders Demo

Material Controls for iOS

Language: Objective-C

A complete collection of UI components resembling Android’s Material Design style. I personally wouldn’t make an iOS app with a full Material Design look and feel, but these are certainly nice looking controls, and I wouldn’t mind adding one or two to my apps.

Here’s an example:

Material Controls Demo

Checkout the project’s README for a complete list.


Language: Swift

Simple and lightweight Functional Reactive Coding. Unlike other FRP frameworks like ReactiveCocoa or RxSwift, Interstellar provides only the minimum viable components to build application in a reactive way: a Signal implementing map, bind, etc., and Result and Threading to create operations with it.


Language: Objective-C

Key-value observing, or KVO, is a particularly useful technique for communicating between layers in a Model-View-Controller application. But the API provided by Apple are not very friendly to use. KVOController simplifies KVO by providing a simpler API and among other things blocks support and thread-safetiness.


Language: Swift

A wrapper on libxml2 for parsing XML/HTML.


Language: Swift

A Hacker News reader iOS app written in Swift. It is always good to read other people app’s code, and see how they architect things. And if you want a comparison, have a look at Marco Sero’s HackerNews client, build using ReactiveCocoa and ComponentKit.

Speaking of open source apps, Artsy just released Energy.


Language: Swift

A UIViewController subclass exposing a simple API to display a fullscreen video.

VideoSplash Demo

New Carthage Release

Other Interesting Projects