Year 1 Issue 9

Great variety of interesting libraries this week, if you are into animations, data structures, or utilities. Let’s get started 😁.


Language: Objective-C

A fast, non-deadlocking parallel image downloader and cache for iOS, made by Pintereset. It assures that if multiple requests for the same image are triggered, only the first one is actually executed, while still delivering the result to all the callers. A standout feature is an incremental download of images when on slow connections, getting a lower resolution version first.


Language: Objective-C

A handy class that prompts users of your iPhone or Mac App Store app to rate your application after using it for a while. It is simple to integrate it in your app, and it provides several configuration options, as well as localisation support.

NVActivityIndicatorView Demo

Language: Swift

A collection of loading animations. The README says nice, and I agree. I’ll pic the Pac-Man animation on my next project for sure.



A little script that downloads all the licenses for the frameworks used via Carthage.


Languae: Swift

A small framework that makes UIImage accessible. It generates accessible labels to describe given images. It does so by extracting the exif payload and doing some basic image processing.


Language: Swift

Apple has clearly stated that they don’t like hamburger menus, nevertheless this implementation is an original one.

GuillotineMenu Demo


Language: Swift

A beautiful transition between two or more UICollectionViews. It is very good looking, but is it gonna get in the user’s way after the first wow moments?

CKWaveCollectionViewTrnsition Demo


Language: Swift

A collection of Playgrounds with solutions to the exercises from the Cracking the Coding Interview book. A good way to challenge yourself and compare the resulting implementation with the one from the Playground’s author.

Text effects

LTMorphingLabel and TextFieldEffects are two libraries to checkout if you are looking to add some nice animation effect to the labels and text inputs of your app.

JSON Parsing

Language: Swift

If you need to easily parse data returned by a JSON API into models you should checkout SwiftyJSON, ObjectMapper, and Argo.

Other interesting projects

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