Year 1 Issue 8


Language: Swift

RazzleDazzle by IFTTT is a Swift framework that allows to write complex keyframe animations. It is AutoLayout friendly and perfectly suited for scrolling app intros. Here’s an animation made with RazzleDazzle:

RazzleDazzle demo

RazzleDazzle is actually an evolution of IFTTT’s previous animation framework: JazzHands, which is written in Objective-C.


Language: Objective-C

The guys at IFTTT must have been on fire this week, because this framework too got relevant attention.

jot, yep, no capital letter, is a framework to easily add touch-controlled drawings and text to images.

jot demo


A non-intrusive framework for intercepting any outgoing requests and incoming resonses between your app and your server for debugging purposes. With just a few extra lines of code you can log on the console all the data received from the network. More on the introduction post by netguru.


Language: Swift

A dropdown menu that you can open from the navigation bar title, and plenty of configuration options.



Thoughtbot opensourced another iOS app. Poppins, which you can download from the App Store is a app to store and share GIFs. You should definitely browse through this source to see some examples of MVVM architecture, and functional programming applied to real world iOS development.


Language: Swift

A nice image processing library.

Toucan(image: myImage).maskWithEllipse().image

Toucan(image: myImage).maskWithRoundedRect(cornerRadius: 30).image

Toucan(image: portraitImage).resize(CGSize(width: 500, height: 500), fitMode: Toucan.Resize.FitMode.Crop).image

Toucan(image: myImage).maskWithImage(maskImage: octagonMask).image


Language: Swift

A UITextField subclass that comes with an awesome animation effect on its placeholder.

AwesomeTextField demo

This little custom view is configurable via Interface Builder, thanks to IBDesignable and IBInspecatble. And if for some reason you can’t use Swift, there is an Objcetive-C version.

Pinterest SDK

Language: Objective-C

Pinterest released their iOS SDK, or PDK as the project is called. You can read the full documentation here. The APIs look clean and consistent. So what are you waiting for? Are you going to add Pinterest integration to your app or not?


Language: Swift

This project might not be very useful, or particularly interesting, but the implementation is emoji based. 😂😂😂

Other interesting projects

Other interesting projects (still hot from last week)

Read more here.

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