Year 1 Issue 4

Many interesting new projects this week, but also some from the past ones. Also notable news: CocoaPods 0.38.0.beta.1 has been released.

Let’s get started!

Trending Swift projects


A Xcode 6 Universal project that allows you to wrap your website or web app in a super simple iOS app, so you can build apps in HTML/CSS/JS without using Cordova.

I am personally an advocate of native development, but it is arguable that there are many scenarios in which at least starting with a web app is a better choice. If you find yourself in such a position have a look at this project.


A port of the MPAndroidChart Android chart library to iOS. This library features many good looking types of charts, all with a number of configurations.


A custom modal transition that presents and dismiss a controller inside an expanding and shrinking bubble.

BubbleTransition - Animated screenshod


An universal game written in Swift 2 and using SpriteKit. And if you are into games have a look at BallSwift which showcases the new additions to UIDynamics in iOS 9.


DVR is a simple Swift framework for making fake NSURLSession requests. It is inspired by vcr.

New Swift projects


A single point of configuration for your app’s colors. Add this to the AppDelegate’s didFinishLaunchingWithOptions

var mainColor: UIColor = ...
var secondColor: UIColor = ...
let fontName = "Avenir"

  secondaryColor: secondColor,
  fontName: fontName,
  lightStatusBar: true)


A take to the task of expanding table cells using iOS 9’s new UIStackView.


ClojureScript REPL iOS app.

Trending Objective-C projects


If an agency like Thoughtbot open sources an app, you might want to have a look at it. Especially in this case, Tropos does large use of ReactiveCocoa and MVVM, there is a lot to learn looking at this source code.


Bohr allows you to set up a settings screen for your app with three principles in mind: ease, customization and extensibility.

The layout of a settings screen made with Bohr can be defined from Storyboards, and there are many parameters that can be customised when subclassing the framework table view cell.


Valet lets you securely store data in the iOS or OS X Keychain, and aims to remove the need to understand how the Keychain works.


A replacement for Apple’s severally limited UITextView, that allows editing of attributed strings. A notable thing is that this project is actually a combination of other four open source libraries.


A port of the new iOS 9 UIStackView to iOS 6+.

New Objective-C projects


Simple OSX app to allow display of pressed keys. Great for screencasts. Have a look at the demo video here.

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