#49 - Different Cabbages on the Bus


A “fast and flexible” diffing library with O(n) complexity for Swift collections shared by Ryo Aoyama. Based on Paul Heckel’s algorithm which other famous libraries use as well.

It comes with UITableView and UIVCollectionView extensions to implement incremental updates based on the evaluated diff.


Vito Zhang shares a video composition framework based on AVFoundation aiming to provide an easier to use API.


Library by Mattt for defining strong password generator rules to combine together, as described in the recent NSHipster article “Password Rules / UITextInputPasswordRules”.


An implementation by Matan Abravanel of the publish-subscribe pattern for topic-based systems.

The author also has a post on Medium arguing that this pattern is better than using NSNotificationCenter.

Amazon’s AWS has a number of tools and services based on pub-sub, even if you’re keen on NSNotfications this is definitely a topic worth exploring.

Other Interesting Projects

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