#48 - Coordinated Transport Services

Swift NIO Transport Services

Earlier this year Apple released SwiftNIO an event-driven networking library, “a low-level tool for building high-performance networking applications in Swift.”.

This week they open sourced this extension library to support Apple platforms as “first-class citizens”. This is done via the Network.framework. Notice that this is only available on macOS 10.14+, iOS 12+, and tvOS 12+.


A reactive navigation framework based on the Coordinator pattern by Joan Disho and Stefan Kofler from Quick Bird Studios. You can use it to implement a fully Rx driven MVVM-C architecture.

➡️➡️ diagram showing how the library works

Nano Blocks

Brothers Benjamin and Tim share an open source iOS wallet app for the Nano cryptocurrency.

📸 screenshots of the app

Never heard of Nano… maybe I should start The Cryptocurrencies Times 🤔.

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