#43 - Swift 4.2, Create ML, Siri Shortcuts

Last week was the week for Apple developers: WWDC week! Apple revealed a whole range of improvements, new APIs, and tools. The sessions are available here. There’s something for everyone.

It took little to no time to the open source community to ship libraries using the new goodies.

What’s new in Swift 4.2

Ole Begemann is back with a Playground showcasing all the new features introduced in Swift 4.2. A must-run to get up to speed with the changes.

Screenshot of the tables of contents

Create ML Playgrounds

Create ML is one of the news of this year’s WWDC. A framework to train machine learning models using Swift and Playgrounds.

GitHub user krishkumar has put together a collection of Playgrounds showing how to train image and movie review sentiment classifiers.

Screenshot of the X-Ray image classifier playground

AppCoda have also put togheter an image classifier demo with Create ML.


Siri Shortcuts are a powerful new feature in iOS 12 that allow your app to expose its functionality to Siri. This enables Siri to suggest your shortcut at relevant times based on various context

Alessio Roberto has put together a demo project showing how to set them up.

Other interesting projects